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JCI Kirtipur (Kirtipur Jaycees) is a non-profit voluntary membership based organization of active young citizens aged between 18 and 40 working in Nepal, since 1998 for developing the Leadership, Personality and Entrepreneurship skills. JCI Kirtipur was founded by JC Rajendra Ram Shrestha under JCI Nepal.

JCI has 120+ National Organizations, 5000+ Local Organizations and 200000+ active members. JCI Kirtipur is one of the tributary National Organizations of Junior Chamber International (JCI). Until now, JCI Kirtipur has more than 150 active young members, who are involved in various sectors of society. We have been developing our skills, knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions and taking actions to create positive impacts in our society.

JC Binesh Dongol

President - 2023


Junior Chamber International (JCI) Kirtipur is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and It’s an honor for me to be the president of this prestigious organization. At the same time, I also have challenges with my responsibilities as we have many programs which need extra effort from our team. We are organizing an International Business Meet where business personnel from all over the world will come to Nepal for the business conference.

JCI is a school where we learn real life challenges and training to develop leadership and to grow individually. After developing leadership, it shows a way to be an entrepreneur and build a network for business. International networking and programs help to strengthen the exposure at an international level as JCI chapters are all around the world. It also motivates an individual to work in a team to serve the community to contribute to humanitarian work.

I welcome everyone to be a member of JCI where anyone can develop leadership, communication skills, teamwork, negotiation skills, networking, self-marketing skills, interpersonal skills, international networking, entrepreneurship and business skills, community service etc.


JCI is about bringing people together to understand the world’s biggest challenges and collaborate to create meaningful solutions that solves the world’s problems and creates a positive impact.


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